Boat & Watercraft Detailing
Ride the Waves in Style this Summer.
Let us scrape your boat free from barnacles, scum and whatever else the water has put your boat through. Take advantage of our one-time or routine maintenance detailing services. 

Boat Detailing Rates*

Level 1: $12-15 per foot
Level 2: $13-17 per foot
Level 3: $20-40 per foot 

*Inspection required to quote. Prices vary depending on size of boat and condition it’s in. Please read on to see what level your boat is classified as.
Level 1
Newer boat or older boat that has been regularly detailed. Gel coat is in good overall shape without major oxidization, cockpit is without major defects and the overall condition of the cabin is clean.

Level 2
Boat has some level of oxidization, most typically on the front-nose and transom areas (where the sun exposure is greatest) and requires some level of compound application to remove oxidization and restore finish. Interior vinyl is in moderate condition and requires deep conditioning to preserve integrity and restore luster. Cabin carpet requires deep cleaning and vinyl also requires conditioning. May also require some mold and mildew abatement.

Level 3
Major restorative work is required on the gel coat to remove oxidization and restore luster. A labor-intensive 3-step process is required to restore finish and shine. Typically the gloss and texture of the interior vinyl is capable of being substantially improved with deep conditioning. The cabin carpet requires deep cleaning as do the vinyl and all other surfaces in the cabin. Often requires mold and mildew abatement. Full exterior & cockpit wash & dry, hard water removal, spider dropping removal treatment, clean & dress cockpit cushions & vinyl, power wash cockpit carpets, wash Sunbrella cover & Bimini top, polish brightware, remove light dock & fender marks, orbital hand wax exterior of boat.

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